Salt Auger™

Water Softener Salt Bridge Prevention

The problem = Salt Bridge, The solution = Salt Auger™.
Easy 4 Step Install, Runs 1 Time Per Week for up to 5 minutes!

As you look at the diagram of water softener basic set up, the brine tank typically holds 4-6 bags of salt. The salt can be granular or pallets in shape. The diagram shows the brine just below the salt bridge, once the brine is used up and the salt bridge is formed the softener is no longer effective, it needs the brine to clean itself. The water softener salt bridge is prevalent in almost all brine tanks, some homeowners know about this and generally fix it three or four times a year with the poking of a broomstick, others have no idea and are often sold unnecessary repairs or replacements. The Salt Auger™ addresses these problems, it simply agitates, mixes and augers the salt once a week for up to 5 minutes, the salt bridge never has time to form.

Salt Auger™ Operation

The device is attached and installed in the brine tank (see drawing) the auger is embedded into the salt itself. Each brine tank will hold approximately 200 – 250 lbs of salt. When the auger is in cycle it will rotate @ 100 RPM for up to 5 minutes each cycle. The frequency of the cycle and cycles can be adjusted. I.E. In higher and dry climate maybe one (1) cycle for up to 5 minutes per week, in a humid climate it can be adjusted for two (2) cycles and up to 5 minutes per week. When the auger is rotating the action is similar to (a post hole digger) where it will elevate salt from the bottom of the tank to the top leaving a void or cavity, the surrounding loose salt will fall into this void, turning the entire tank over from top to bottom. Because of the auger's actions, (mixing, agitating, drilling) the salt stays loose and moves every cycle, therefore a salt bridge is never able to form. To learn more about the Salt Auger and how it can simplify your water softener maintenance, call 720-316-2549.

  • Easy installations
  • 200 – 250 lbs of salt capacity
  • Salt bridge is never able to form
  • Rotate @ 100 RPM for up to 5 minutes each cycle

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