Salt Auger™ Installation

Water Softener Salt Bridge Prevention

The problem = Salt Bridge, The solution = Salt Auger™.
Easy 4 Step Install, Runs 1 Time Per Week for up to 5 minutes!

Product Description

This device is a auger (drill like) 3" or 4" in diameter and 18” – 30” in length designed to fit all residential water softening brine tanks on the market today.


The Auger itself, PVC sleeve / diverter, Timer, Motor, adjustable mounting brackets.


Four (4) steps for a complete install:
(1) The adjustable mounting brackets are attached to the existing brine tank.
(2) The auger / sleeve are installed in the tank and attached to the mounting bracket.
(3) The motor is attached to the mounting brackets and auger, secured with screws.
(4) Mount the timer and set for frequency. The unit is now ready to run!


Auger / sleeve diameters and lengths are adjustable per brine tank, commercial applications also available.