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RO FaucetMate is easy to install.
Great for DIYers and professional contractors

RO FaucetMate

The problem = Installing RO systems in rental property is prohibited by lease and landlord's. The typical install for a RO requires an additional 1 ¼” hole for the dispensing faucet, often times the countertop needs to be drilled with an additional hole or a sink needs to be replaced to accommodate the RO, this is generally unacceptable in rental properties. RO FaucetMate can also be used where there is no more room on the sink or counter top for a new 1 ¼” hole. The solution = RO FaucetMate allows for the easy installation and landlord approved. No new holes required in countertops or sink replacement. RO FaucetMate is easy to remove and take with you to your next location. Product description: RO FaucetMate is a stainless steel or PVC flat bracket, 4” X 6” with a 1 ¼” hole for the dispenser (faucet) Installation: RO WaterMate is fastened to the wall just above the sink with two-sided adhesive tape or an anchor requiring a 1/8” screw hole, an additional 3/8” hole is required for the ¼” tubing (patching these holes when removing is similar to patching holes from hanging pictures) the ¼” tubing runs down the inside of the wall approximately 10 to 12 inches where it exits under the kitchen sink and is then attached to the RO system. Options: RO WaterMate can be recessed into the wall, can be located and used as a pot filler, can also be used for filtered water and instant hot water dispensers. Available in stainless steel and PVC designer colors. Patent Pending

  • Easy installations
  • Multiple color options
  • Take with you when you move
  • Great for bathrooms & kitchens
  • No holes in countertop

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