Rain Harvesting

How Water Catchment Works

Rain Storage

Storage tanks are covered to prevent mosquito breeding and to reduce evaporation losses, contamination and algal growth.
The captured water is piped back to the house for all domestic use after going through a series of filters and ultraviolet light.
Rainwater is naturally pure and eliminates the need for any water softening systems.
Rainwater harvesting systems require some regular maintenance, cleaning, and testing to keep the system hygienic and in good working order.

Rain Harvesting Process

Rainwater collection or harvesting is the process by which rain water that hits the roof is stored and reused.
Roof catchment systems channel rainwater that falls onto a roof into storage through a system of gutters and pipes.
A first flush of rainwater is run to clean the surface of the roof of debris.
Roof gutters are designed with sufficient incline to avoid standing water. The water is transferred by rain gutters, through piping, then through filters to a rain harvesting tank that is sized to store up to 18 months of water for the household.

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